Be More Productive and Take Back Your Personal Time with these 5 Incredible Products

Creating classroom materials from a variety of resources is a time-consuming process. When teaching and daily admin is already taking up the majority of your time, IRIS products improve efficiency and make otherwise tedious tasks a breeze.

IRIScan Mouse: Scan Any Document, Resource or Image without Leaving Your Desk

As an educator, spending the majority of your time teaching students means that creating lesson plans, assessments, and classroom materials takes up an enormous amount of your personal time. Over 20 000 South African teachers already use the legendary IRIScan Mouse to reclaim their personal time. With this two-in-one, powerful tool at your fingertips, you can scan directly from any text documents, books, newspapers and magazines immediately to your computer screen; where the OCR Software allows you to edit text and images and save your modified materials as Word, Excel, Text or PDF Files. It is also a great tool to use in combination with your interactive whiteboard during lessons.


ReadIris Pro 17: Convert PDF’s and Downloaded Resources into Editable Files

Readiris™ 17 is a powerful Optical Character Recognition software, which makes it possible to convert, translate and edit any scanned or saved document. With IRIS’ OCR Software, you can now convert, edit, combine and correct any PDF, Word or Excel document, worksheets, departmental assessments, and other classroom materials without ever having to re-type another document again. What’s more, you can annotate or add voice notes to your PDF documents or convert them to e-books and audio files, allowing for smarter learning and assisting learners with special needs.


IRISNotes 3: Save Yourself the Time of having to Re-type Handwritten Notes with this Digital Pen

Taking notes while preparing for classes, attending staff meetings, teacher conferences or educational seminars is a daily task for educators. Keeping track of and transcribing you notes is a painful and time consuming exercise. With the IRISNotes™ 3 this problem is solved. This digital pen types while you write; and with just a few clicks your handwritten notes are converted into a Word or Text file that you can instantly save or share with your colleagues. It even includes features that can take voice notes while you write and has the capability to capture the diagrams that you draw.


IRIScan Book 5: Scanning Books and Notes for Classroom Materials Couldn’t be Easier

Trying to scan books for class materials and assessments is a tedious and time-consuming task, and more-often-than-not, you end-up having to re-type text, manually cut-and-paste materials to create worksheets, and then scan those documents before you have a usable final document. With the portable IRIScan™ Book 5 you can rid yourself of all the pain and frustration involved with creating new documents from textbooks and other sources. What’s even more convenient is that you can now do it any-time, anywhere; without having to wait to use your school, university or college’s equipment.


IRISPen Executive 7: You Scan and it Types, Translates and even Reads the Text out Loud!

Simply slide the IRISPen Executive 7™ over printed text or numbers from handbooks, newspapers, magazines, faxes, or documents and the text will automatically be re-typed into any text editing application (like Word and Excel) for you. Want to translate text from English to French? Simply select French from the 40 languages you are able to translate to, in a matter of seconds. That’s not all – with the IRISPen Executive 7™, you can also listen to anything you have scanned in 40 different languages, which is ideal if you are (for example) looking to perfect your pronunciation of a foreign language.

Cape Recife School
University of Fort Hare
Greenwood Primary School
Grey Junior School
Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute
Kingswood College
Nelson Mandela University
Pearson High School
Abbots College
Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg
Little Falls High School (Trinity House)
Maragon Private Schools
Midstream College Primary
Parktown Girls High
Pretoria Boys High
Redhill School
University of Pretoria
Hoërskool Nelspruit
Hoër Tegniese Skool Potchefstroom
North West University
Potchefstroom Boys High
Potchefstroom Girls High
Bastion Primêre Skool
Brackenfell High School
Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof
Hoërskool Durbanville
Kenridge Primary School
La Rochelle Girls High School
Paarl Boys High