IRIScan Book 5

Many possible conversions!

Scan to JPEG

Scan all your documents to image files (JPEG) – you can then easily share or archive them

Scan to PDF or multi-page PDF

You can scan to PDF and even multi-page PDF if you are scanning a multiple page document, like a book or newspaper

Scan to e-Book

Scan an entire book and turn it quickly into a handy e-book, which you can read or listen to on any device

Scan to MS Office file (Word, Excel, etc)

Thanks to the included software Readiris, all your scans can be turned in a Word or Excel file in a simple click

Convert your documents to audio files

The IRIScan Book 5 converts any image or PDF file or scanned document to an audio file that you can listen to using an audio reader. This unique feature lets you listen to any text, even during travel!