IRIScan Mouse 2

Scanner & Mouse, All-in-one!


  • All-in-one full-featured scanner and mouse!
  • Scans anything Up to A4
  • Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
  • Interchangeable covers ( up to 8 different colors)

A scanner at your fingertips

Everything you want from a scanner – 400 dpi resolution, small and portable, fast and fluid, high scanning format – in a beautiful, handy and lightweight mouse!

Thanks to this all-in-one scanner and mouse, your scanner lies at your fingertips all day long! Just press the scan button, swipe in any direction on a paper document and watch text and images appear instantaneously on your computer screen.

Customize your Mouse !

The IRIScan™ Mouse 2 comes with two interchangeable covers (Black & blue)…allowing you to change the top cover of your mouse according to your mood.

Never retype text again

After scanning your document, simply drag and drop it into Word, Excel, Outlook or any text editing application. Your scans will be retyped instantly, ready to be edited!

Even better, your documents can also be saved as fully searchable PDF files, which can also be compressed with the provided PDF compressor!

Capture and Share in a click

Turn your documents into information you can share and access when you need it the most! IRIScan™ Mouse lets you quickly upload your scans to the Cloud (Evernote) so you can access them anytime, anywhere and on any portable device.

It also lets you share your files on Facebook, Twitter or Flicker in just a click. Your mouse is now the gate to your social world!

More than 130 supported languages

The embedded OCR technology is the best multi-lingual recognition software on the market. It recognizes over 130 languages including Asian languages and Arabic! Your scanned text can also be translated automatically thanks to the direct link to Google Translate available within the IRIScan™ Mouse native application. Thanks to the IRIScan™ Mouse, the barrier of foreign languages is a thing of the past!

Scan any document up to A4

Don’t worry about the size of the document you want to scan! From letters to book, newspaper, magazine or even street map or house blueprints, the IRIScan Mouse scans any document up to A4!

Just run the mouse all over the document, no matter the size, format or content. Your documents are ready to be shared, archived or even edited

Create your own company’s Mouse Scanner

Stop handing out useless giveaways! By choosing to print your logo on our revolutionary all-in-one Mouse & Scanner, your customers, partners and employees will always keep your logo close at hand on a pioneering and useful tool. Interested?
Click here to get in touch with us and customize your company’s IRIScan Mouse.

Get your IRIScan Mouse 2

All-in-one full-featured scanner and mouse!

IRIScan Mouse 2 – Resources

Scanner specifications

– Technology: Slam Scan®
– Mouse sensor: Laser sensor (1200 dpi)
– Scan resolution: 300 dpi (with standard software)
– Hardware up to 400 dpi, with Software upgrade
– USB: 2.0
– Power consumption : 0.625W
– Coverage area: Up to A3
– Export applications: Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Photoshop®
– Save formats (applications): PDF / JPG / TIFF / BMP / PNG / XLS / DOC
– Buttons 3 buttons (right-click, left-click, wheel-click) / 1wheel / 1scan button

Box content

– IRIScan™ Mouse scanner
– Software suite on CD-ROM
– Quick user guide
– 2 interchangeable mouse covers (black & blue)

//Content might change without prior notice depending on the production and components constraints.

Minimum computer requirements

Software suite for Windows®
– Intel® Core™ Duo 1.2GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 x 2, 1.7GHz
– Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista® or XP
– 1GB RAM recommended
– At least 1GB of available hard disk space
– Graphic card: 128 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400 GS or 128 MB ATI Radeon™ X1300 or 384 MB (shared) Intel® GMA X3000 or better
– USB port 2.0
– CD-Rom drive

Quick reference guide

– Product name: IRIScan™ Mouse 2
– SKU: 458075
– Box size (H x L x D): 17 x 20 x 4,8 cm (6.7 x 7.87 x 1.9 in)
– Box weight: 360 g (0,79 lbs)
– Scanner size: 2,8 x 12 x 5,7 cm (1.1 x 4.7 x 2.2 in)
– Scanner weight: 110 g (0,24 lbs)